Sherman Flex Trail Saddle By Tex Tan


Sherman Flex Trail Saddle

This nimble little trail saddle will make any trail ride more enjoyable. From the Antique silver sunburst trim to the memory foam seat, it's the small things that make a good saddle great! 

You'll find all the standard Tex Tan specs on this saddle, from the 3-way adjustable position rigging to the Visco Memory Foam seat for a more comfortable day on the trail. 

Designed on Tex Tan's EquiTex Flex tree for more freedom of movement for your horse and weight savings for you. 

Finished in light chocolate color with Carlos border tooling, long leather strings and 3" tooled bell stirrups.


Tree:       16” or 17” Equi-Tex flex tree with Quarter Horse bars
Seat:       Full grain with Visco Memory Foam
Horn:      2-1/2” cap x 3” high
Cantle:    4" tooled Cheyenne roll
Rigging:  3-way stainless rig with cover
Finish:     Light Chocolate with Carlos border tooling and long leather strings. Soft fenders and jockeys.
Silver:      Antique silver Sunburst trim
Stirrups:  3” laced bell
Weight:    24 lbs.